Posted on Nov 08, 2012

Do you ride your bike to work in Atlanta? Or maybe you want to but feel like it’s too dangerous? The City of Atlanta is working on promoting cycling safety and improving cycling conditions for cyclists so that there are fewer Atlanta bicycle accidents and injuries.

The City of Atlanta had a mobile app designed for them to help improve cycling in the city. This new, free cycling app will help improve a cyclist’s safety and make the ride more enjoyable. Cycle Atlanta, the free mobile app, is available to any cyclists—daily commuters or weekend cyclists.

Georgia Tech helped the city to develop this cycling app for a number of reasons, including:

  • The app uses a phone’s GPS to collect real-time data from the cyclists using it so the city planners can see analyze cycling traffic patterns.
  • The app will allow cyclists to report potholes, obstacles in bike lanes, and other problems along their routes to increase cycling safety.
  • The app transmits the routes cyclists take and the hazards they face so city planners can help make future improvements to Atlanta’s bicycle infrastructure.
  • The app records a cyclist’s speed, time, route, and other statistical information that may help city planners make Atlanta a better place to ride.

Atlanta hopes to double the number of bicycle commuters by 2016. The hope is that this Cycle Atlanta app is a step in the right direction and allows cyclists to give city planners their feedback.

The Cycle Atlanta app is available from the Cycle Atlanta website and is available for Android and Apple devices.

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