Posted on Jun 28, 2013

Memorial Day, as well as most holidays, tends to be particularly dangerous for motorists because of the increase in partygoers and drunk drivers on the road. Recently, the numbers were released from the Georgia Department of Public Safety regarding the number of people killed in Georgia motor vehicle accidents during Memorial Day weekend 2013. 

Officials indicated that seven people were killed over the Memorial Day weekend driving period, which began at 6 p.m. Friday and ended at midnight on Memorial Day. The fatal car crashes took place in the following Georgia locations:

  • Brunswick 
  • Fulton County
  • Milledgeville 
  • Reidsville 
  • Thomasville 
  • Washington 

During this travel period, state troopers checked the roads for impaired drivers, seat belt violators, and other violations that could lead to a wreck. Even though police presence was visible, there were still 490 car crashes in Georgia during this weekend that resulted in 258 injuries. This long weekend resulted in more car accidents and one more death than the prior year. In 2012, troopers investigated 326 crashes and six deaths over this same holiday travel period.

Many people received citations for violations or were arrested for driving under the influence during this time. While people are killed in car accidents in Georgia every day, holidays seem to be even more dangerous for all motorists. 

As summer is here, bringing with it vacations and additional holidays, it is critical to all motorists’ safety to celebrate the summer and holidays responsibly—never drinking and driving.

The Law Office of Shane Smith wishes everyone on Georgia roads a safe and fun summer.

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