Posted on Dec 26, 2011


Here today gone tomorrow is a statement Beth Harley now takes to heart as she and her family grieve the loss of her ex-husband 61-year-old Ed Harley.

"We listened to his voicemail messages last night on our phone. We just can't believe he's gone," said Harley.

Gwinnett County police said someone struck and killed Ed Harley while he walked along Buford Drive between Satellite Boulevard and South Lee Street at around 2 a.m. Thursday.

"He didn't sleep well so a lot of times he walked the streets at night," said Harley.

Investigators recovered a headlight lens from the scene and determined the car involved was a 1999 to 2002 Saab.

It's either a convertible or hatchback with damage to the driver's side headlight and damage to the driver's door or the driver side rear window may be shattered.

"If you were drinking, you shouldn't be driving. If it was an accident why didn't you stop?" said Harley.

Police don't know who the driver is or if alcohol was involved. Beth Harley said she and her children want the person responsible to do the right thing.

"Certainly did ruin a lot of lives, not just Ed's. It's the people left behind," said Harley.

Anyone with information about the vehicle and or driver is urged to contact the Gwinnett County Police Accident Investigation Unit hotline at 678-442-5653.


It is always tragic when there are fatalities involved in any pedestrian accident. Atlanta wrongful death attorney Shane Smith would like to offer his heartfelt condolences to the Harley Family.

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