Posted on May 06, 2013

Some auto accidents in Gainesville and across Georgia occur due to poorly designed streets, heavy traffic, lack of directional signage, and pedestrian crossings. By making improvements in these areas, cities can help traffic and reduce Georgia car accidents from occurring. Gainesville is one city that has conducted a traffic study to identify areas of improvement. 

The five goals of the Gainesville Transportation Master Plan include:

  1. Manage congestion at identified intersections and road sections
  2. Enhance safety for all motorists and passengers
  3. Increase road connectivity
  4. Support economic development and redevelopment
  5. Increase pedestrian and bicycle mobility

Within this plan, there are many objectives that aim to improve traffic and motorists’ safety by improving turn lanes, roundabouts, traffic signal systems, directional signs, and pedestrian crossings. For example, when Gainesville increases pedestrian and bicycle mobility, more walking and bike trails will be added to the roads that have been identified to have high pedestrian traffic—making it less likely for a pedestrian accident to occur. 

While things are just in the planning stages, it is hopeful that Gainesville is hopeful the master plan study will be approved. The city is in the public input phase now, and more meetings have been planned for May 8, June 27, and August 1, 2013 at the Gainesville Civic Center. 

Also, another transportation improvement has been announced recently that will help improve traffic and motorists’ safety around Georgia. A one-mile section of Ga. 20 will be widened to four lanes between Ruth Lane in Forsyth County to Riverdale Road in Gwinnett County to help east-west connectivity. 

Shane Smith Law wish Gainesville the best of luck in improving safety for their residents.

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