Posted on Apr 04, 2013

Because car accidents in Georgia are still the number one killer of teens in the state, the governor’s commission recently issued a report to lawmakers on teen driving. On Monday, March 18, 2013, the commission called on cops to crack down on teens who participate in texting while driving. The report asked for tougher penalties for teens who drive distracted as well as for more education surrounding distracted driving.

The governor’s commission selected 22 Georgia teenagers and young people to weigh-in on teen driving and here are what some of comments the teenagers made:

  • “Distracted driving is what’s really killing these kids. The biggest problem on the road is ignorance,” said Alex Floyd, a junior at Westminster High School in Atlanta.
  • “Smart phones have made our lives more efficient and more fun, but in some cases they have also made our lives more dangerous,” said Evan Katz, a sophomore at Westminster High School. She also stated, “The mobile phone itself is the enemy on the road for most people our age.”
  • “Many young people have gotten the message not to drink and drive, but a lot of them do not understand how dangerous it is to text and drive,” said Eric Beeler, chair of the commission and a senior at Centennial High School in Roswell.

Although car accidents occur for various reasons, the commission feels that texting while driving is one of the top reasons why teens are dying in Georgia car crashes. Instead of just slapping teens with higher fines, the commission is asking for community service for teen offenders and that the state’s Alcohol and Drug Awareness Program is reformed to the impaired driving awareness program so teens can understand texting is a form of impairment.

The commission will meet again this fall.

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