Posted on May 17, 2010
Transportation for America, an organization which advocates against urban sprawl and in favor of walking and mass transit has rated the Atlanta, Sandy Springs and Marietta as the tenth most dangerous metropolitan area for pedestrians.
It may be that suburban roads are more dangerous than city streets.  In the city, drivers travel at slow speeds and expect pedestrians.  In the suburbs, drivers travel at high speeds on wide roads. There are few crosswalks, and drivers do not look for pedestrian.

The biggest danger is near bus stops. About one-quarter of Atlanta area pedestrian crashes occur within 100 feet of a bus stop; almost half occur within 300 feet. Many bus stops are miles from a crosswalk.
The most dangerous roads for pedestrians:
Buford Highway in Dekalb and Gwinett Counties
Tara Boulevard in Clayton
Old National Highway in Fulton
Fulton Industrial Boulevard in Fulton
Six Flags Drive in Cobb
Chandler Road in DeKalb
Accidents could be prevented with more crosswalks, pedestrian islands, and warning lights.
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