Posted on Nov 20, 2009
A multi-vehicle traffic accident on Holcomb Bridge Road in North Fulton County left a mother and her four children injured and one man dead.  
The wreck occurred just after 8am on Thursday, November 19. The collision was caused when the driver of the pick-up truck crossed the center line of the road and drove into on-coming traffic. The man hit a minivan and then a car. Local police reported that a second car became involved when it was hit by the debris from the previous collisions.
The mother was driving the minivan with four children. The mother is in serious condition at North Fulton Regional Hospital. The children, who range in age from ten months to seven year old, were not seriously injured. We wish them a speedy recovery.
The drivers of the cars were not injured. The driver of the truck was killed.
The accident is currently under investigation. The investigators are waiting for blood test results before determining why the driver drove his truck into on-coming traffic.
Car accidents are the most common type of accident involving children. Of the 250,000 children injured in car wrecks each year, 2,000 die from their injuries. You can read more about children and traffic accidents here.
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