Posted on Sep 22, 2010

A Dekalb County mother and her toddler were taken to the hospital for treatment of injuries after being struck by a car in a Clarkston pedestrian accident.
The accident occurred on Monday, September 20 on Montreal Road in front of Olde Plantation Apartments. 
The woman and her two children, a toddler boy and an infant girl in a stroller, were trying to cross the street when the driver of a black sedan turned into the complex.  The driver of the sedan hit a truck and swerved.  He saw the family and tried to avoid them by steering into the path of another car.  However, the family was also trying to avoid the car and moved directly into the sedan's path. The woman and toddler were hit.
The mother and toddler sustained non-life threatening injuries and were transported to the hospital.The woman was taken to Atlanta Medical Center for treatment of non life threatening injuries.  Her young son was taken to Eggleston Hospital.  The baby girl was not injured. 
The driver is not expected to be cited for the Georgia car crash.

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