Posted on Dec 27, 2011
Smartphone app aims to link partiers to safe rides home
Peachtree City police, Fayette County sheriff’s deputies and other local lawmen will be on the lookout in coming days for those wanting to party into the new year.
More specifically, they’ll be looking for impaired drivers who would have done better to leave the driving to a sober individual.
This year, however, there is a move afoot to cater more towards those who need sober rides: thanks to an application available for smart phones using the Apple or Android operating systems.
The app is available on the iTunes and Android Market stores under “Drive Sober, Georgia.” The app is designed to link partiers with free, safe rides home over the New Year’s holiday.
The best way to avoid a DUI citation and trip to jail is to plan ahead by securing a sober designated driver in advance and leaving your car keys at home, officials said.
Anyone who spots a drunk driver on the road is urged to immediately call law enforcement to check out the situation, officials said.
Citizens are also urged to take keys away from drivers who are too intoxicated to drive, or at least help them make safer arrangements so they can make it home without endangering others on the road.

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