Posted on Oct 20, 2013

Many teenage drivers have suffered injuries in Roswell car accidents as a result of texting while driving. Sadly, some teenagers die as a result of distracted driving. And the number of teen deaths involving texting is higher than the number of deaths related to alcohol.

Because texting while driving is an epidemic and people everywhere are realizing the seriousness of their actions, many schools and students are participating in anti-texting campaigns. In fact, numerous Roswell teens recently took a pledge against texting and driving as part of AT&T’s “It Can Wait” anti-texting campaign.

On September 19, 2013, students at Roswell High School were addressed by their principal and Fulton Superintendent about the sobering truth surrounding texting while driving. They were told that three thousand teenagers die every year and about 100,000 crashes involving texting happen annually. In addition, Brian Ortiz, of AT&T, addressed the students.

Ortiz said, “Cellphones are my business, but technology comes with responsibility. It all comes down to you making a decision. It can all wait.” He also told students that his son sadly died because he sent a text message and ran head-on into oncoming traffic. He stressed the point that all the students are someone’s daughters, sons, or grandchildren, and are important to many people.

Not only can texting and driving lead to injuries and death, but it can also lead to prison time if a driver is found guilty of texting involving a homicide. After students were addressed by several people including a police officer, they were given the opportunity to take a pledge to NOT text while driving.

Our Fulton County accident attorneys at Shane Smith Law are glad these students took the pledge and encourage more people to do the same. Sadly, texting and driving has led to many Roswell car crashes each year.

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