Posted on Jul 23, 2010

Bad weather caused a pair of Coweta County rescue workers became accident victims last week when the ambulance they were driving was struck by a van in Newnan.
The Georgia car accident occurred on Saturday, July on Raymond Hill Road in Newnan. The driver of the van lost control of his vehicle and hydroplaned on the wet road. The van crashed into the ambulance. The impact caused the van to flip over several times. It finally came to rest in a ditch.
A mother and daughter were in the van. They were not wearing seat belts, and the impact of the crash caused them to be ejected from their vehicle.
Fortunately for the two women, the rescue workers in the ambulance were unharmed. Dennis Martin and James Field got out of the ambulance, gathered their supplies and went to help the women. Fourteen-year-old Ashley Saunders was taken to children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston Hospital. Her mother, 39-year-old Renae Saunders was taken to Atlanta Medical Center. Both victims sustained head injuries and were listed in critical condition.

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