Posted on Apr 30, 2012

Many teenagers drink alcohol. Although it is illegal for teens to consume alcoholic drinks, they somehow find ways to sneak it out of their parents’ house, have an older brother or sister buy it for them, or use fake IDs to purchase liquor.

The Centers for Disease Control reveals that generally when youth drink, it is to the point of intoxication—known as binge drinking.  Binge drinking is defined as consuming five or more alcoholic drinks on a single occasion. Sadly, many teens who participate in binge drinking get killed, kill someone else, or injure a Georgia DUI victim in an alcohol-related crash.

Just last year, a Douglas County female teenager was killed due to impaired driving, and three other teens were arrested. The Douglas County School System conducted the Georgia Health Survey and found that approximately 33% of high school students said alcohol was easily obtainable, and that parental disapproval for alcohol was only at 79%.

The theme for National Alcohol Awareness Month this year is, “Healthy Choices, Healthy Communities: Prevent Underage Drinking,” which highlights that underage drinking is a problem that needs parental involvement and the involvement of the community.

The Live Healthy Douglas Coalition and other agencies and organizations have come together for a month-long program to help educate the community about binge drinking and underage drinking in hopes to reduce youth substance abuse and misuse.

Unfortunately, alcohol abuse still impacts the state of Georgia and the rest of our nation. This is why April has been recognized as Alcohol Awareness Month, right before prom and graduation night, to hopefully get the message across to teens and parents of teenagers that alcohol abuse is a real problem.

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