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After being involved in Georgia car accidents, most people have the same questions about personal injury claims. For this reason, Atlanta accident attorney Shane Smith wrote the Victim's Survival Guide to Car Accidents. This free book provides people with tips on how to handle injury claims following a car accident.

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By reading this guide, you will get your questions answered and learn about your rights and the laws surrounding:

  • Personal injury claims
  • Getting the Right medical care
  • Not getting your car fixed 

When you are faced with handling a personal injury case after a car crash in Georgia, you need to know your rights. This book will guide you through the process and help you understand your options. You will also learn other important aspects surrounding personal injury claims, such as:

  • How signing a general health authorization can affect your case 
  • How giving a recorded statement can impact your personal injury case 
  • How to hire the right lawyer for your case 

Personal injury claims—claims for physical injuries—are handled separately under the law. If you were injured in a car accident, you need to file a personal injury claim and this book will help navigate you through the process.

If you have been injured, you need to speak with a Georgia injury attorney to learn more about your rights to a personal injury claim. Please take a few seconds to fill out this form to receive your free book, and call us to discuss your potential injury claim at 770-487-8999 for a free case consultation.

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