This is not a testimonial from a client but from someone I happened to help while at lunch one day.  It just shows that a little helpfulness on our part can sometimes help someone a lot.  "On Monday, Oct. 19 my car quit running at the intersection of Hwy 74 & 54 in Peachtree City - the busies place in town.  Fortunately, I was on a reverse downslope and no cars in the right turn lane next to me.  Shane Smith was in the car next to me, saw my problem, got out and directed traffic and helped me to safety as I coasted my car back-wards to a turnoff and back-wards into a safe parking area!!  Thanks a 100 Tons!!  My faith in humanity took a big bump up-wards!!! Considering things at this time ... I needed that.  Cannot thank Shane enough... Mike

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