Sometimes injured victims of Atlanta auto accidents, truck crashes, and pedestrian accidents do not have the funds available to get the medical help they need.  Watch this video as Atlanta personal injury lawyer Shane Smith explains how his law firm can advance funds to help you get the necessary care that will help strengthen your case.
If you do not have the funds to take a personal injury case all the way to trial, don’t fear.  The Law Offices of Shane Smith has been helping clients for years by advancing them funds to get the necessary care needed. When experts are required and medical opinions from doctors are needed to help strengthen your case, the Law Offices of Shane Smith has the resources and connections that you need. This way you can see the correct doctor and get the necessary reports to support your case.
The skilled Atlanta personal injury lawyers at the Law Offices of Shane Smith are not going to let your case settle for less just because you can’t afford the right medical care. Call us today to talk about your case, advancing funds, and more about your rights. We can be reached for a free, no-obligation legal consultation at 770-HURT-999 or 770-487-8999.  You can also visit our website to read our informative articles, frequently asked questions, book and other educational resources.

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