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Can I Get More Money If I’m Hit by a Driver on a Cell Phone?

Shane Smith
Advocate for the Seriously Injured in Georgia

https://www.shanesmithlaw.com/ When you’re driving down the road, what do you see? Chances are, you commonly see people talking on, holding, or even texting on their cell phones. This is one of the most common forms of distracted driving, and is extremely dangerous!

Distracted drivers cause a number of accidents to other vehicles, pedestrians and bicyclists. So you may be wondering, “If I’m injured in a Norcross auto accident by a distracted driver, will their insurance still cover the damages?” The answer is, “Yes.”

Currently, Georgia does not have a law which bans the use of cell phones while driving; however, Norcross car accident lawyer Shane Smith speaks from personal experience when he explains that jury members are frequently enraged at distracted drivers who are found to have been using their cell phone at the time of a crash.

These jurors are the best to have on your side if your case goes to trial, because they will want to make the distracted driver pay for being so careless, which leads to more compensation for you.

If you’ve been injured in a car accident caused by a distracted driver in Norcross, Peachtree City, Roswell, or the Atlanta Metro area, Georgia auto accident attorney Shane Smith can help. Call his office at (888) 927-6955 to learn more about your chances for compensation after a serious accident.