Have you been injured in a slip and fall accident caused by a distraction in a store? According to the distracted doctrine law, you may still be able to obtain a recovery even if you slipped and fell on an obvious hazard – if you were distracted by something or someone in the store. Premises liability lawyer Shane Smith explains in this video.

The distracted doctrine law in Georgia states if there is a distraction in a store that keeps you from noticing a defect in the floor or the foreign substance that caused you to fall; you may be relieved of some of the burden of being at fault for the accident. For instance, you are walking along and an employee says “Hey!” then proceeds to ask you a question, this could be considered a distraction. Another example of a distraction is, something happening in the front of the store that causes you to look up and stop paying attention to your surroundings.This is the distracted doctrine.

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