As Norcross slip and fall lawyer Shane Smith explains, when we’re evaluating a slip and fall case, we want to look at a couple of different things.  First, was the person injured? Did they get medical care and are they still hurt?  And second, what caused them to fall?c

There are two prongs in slip and fall cases in Georgia. First, did the store know or should they have known about a dangerous condition? Second, did the plaintiff know or should they have known or would a reasonable person have seen the thing that caused the injury.

Shane has never met a client that said “Yeah, I saw the water, stepped right in it, and fell.” Normally they don’t see it, so that’s not a big issue. More of an issue is the question, “Would a reasonable person have seen it?” The crux of these cases is whether or not the store should have known about it. So we evaluate the conditions, what it was the person fell in, where in the store it was, and what the weather conditions were outside. All of these factors can play a part in whether or not this is a slip and fall case that we can get a recovery for the injured person on.

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