In this video, Peachtree City slip and fall attorney Shane Smith explains everything you need to know about a summary judgment. A summary judgment is a dispositive motion. It is basically a motion that the defense will file to try to get your case destroyed by a judge. They file this motion in almost every single slip and fall case because they know people get hurt very badly in these types of cases. 

Their argument is that a jury will be sympathetic and will award you money or a recovery even when they shouldn’t have. So, a summary judgment is their opportunity to tell the judge that the plaintiff or injured party cannot prove their case. These judgments  kick out a lot of slip and fall cases so they never go to a jury—which is why spoliation evidence is so important and so critical is these types of cases.

If you’ve been injured in a slip and fall case, don’t assume you can’t do anything about it. Call Peachtree City slip and fall attorney Shane Smith for help with your accident case.

Shane Smith
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