Questions to Ask When Injured in a Slip and Fall at Your Apartment

 If you were injured in a slip and fall accident at your apartment or condominium, there are important questions to ask in order to ensure recovery. Norcross premises liability attorney Shane Smith explains in this video.

We get a lot of calls from clients who were injured due to a bad step or from slipping on a dangerous part of the hallway leading to their apartment. They will tell us it’s been that way for a long time. We then ask if this is the only way into the apartment or condominium. If this is in fact the only way into the apartment, even though they knew about it, then we can assume that they were forced to use it. However, if there are alternative routes to get to their apartment that go around this dangerous condition, the law will look unfavorably on this case. The law will state that they chose the most convenient route instead of the safer route. Therefore, much more of the burden of getting hurt is on our client than it would have been in the dangerous route was the sole route to their apartment.

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