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I fell due to a slippery floor and hit my head. I didn’t see bruising or bleeding, but I now have headaches. Isn’t this a sign of a brain injury?


Yes. Headaches are a sign of a brain injury. However, you may be experiencing a headache for another reason. The only way you can truly find out if you have a brain injury is to visit the emergency room or your doctor and let them know about your slip and fall and how your head contacted the ground upon falling. 

Headaches aren’t the only symptom of Georgia slip-and-fall accidents. Here are some other symptoms you should look for that will help you determine if you think you may have suffered some type of head trauma in the fall.

  • Physical symptoms include headaches, dizziness, balance issues, fatigue, insomnia, slurred speech, tremors, nausea, and vomiting 
  • Cognitive symptoms include difficulty making decisions, expressing thoughts and emotions, understanding others, concentrating, and remembering things
  • Emotional symptoms include being aggressive, impatient, easily irritated, depressed, and moody  
  • Perception symptoms include partial or total loss of hearing, taste, touch, smell, or vision, as well as sensitivity to pain

If you have experienced any of the other symptoms listed above along with your headache, you may have suffered a brain injury in Georgia because of your fall. If you lost consciousness after striking your head, or your memory or vision has been affected along with your headaches, you need to get to the hospital immediately. Unfortunately, any blow to the head can result in some form of head trauma, causing damage to the brain tissue.

If it is determined that you have a brain injury because of your Georgia slip-and-fall accident, you may be eligible for maximum compensation from the responsible party. To find out if you have a valid case and how much your case may be worth, call Peachtree City slip-and-fall injury lawyer Shane Smith at (770) 487-8999 to receive a free, no-obligation consultation today.

Shane Smith
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