Atlanta Accident Attorneys: Pedestrian Law as It Applies to Drivers (Part A)

Consulting Atlanta accident attorneys can help you better understand pedestrian law and how it applies to drivers. A pedestrian accident injury can be quite serious and may lead you to seek compensation through a claim. 

Right of Way, Crosswalks, and Pedestrian Injuries 

One of the common issues that can arise in an accident involving a pedestrian and motorist is who has the right of way. In most cases, it will be the pedestrian. 

The law is that if a pedestrian demonstrates his or her intention of crossing a street, the motorist must stop, not yield. There is a distinction made in the laws regarding this because yield allows the vehicle to start moving. The vehicle is to remain stopped while the pedestrian is crossing. 

Even if a motorist has a green light and intends to turn left or right, he or she must stop and remain stopped for any pedestrians who are crossing. If the “Don’t Walk” light is flashing, pedestrians still have the right of way. It’s important to note when a motorist does stop, it cannot be inside the crosswalk. Doing so could make it unsafe for the pedestrian to cross. 

Pedestrians have the right of way when a motorist is pulling out of an alley, building, or driveway. The driver must stop before reaching the sidewalk and check for any pedestrians. Like the crosswalk, a vehicle cannot park on the sidewalk or otherwise block it. 

It’s important to note that if a vehicle has stopped to allow a pedestrian to cross, any approaching vehicles cannot pass; those vehicles also must stop. If you’re unsure of how these laws apply to your situation, seek advice from Atlanta accident attorneys.

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