Truck Accidents

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Comprehensive Legal Support for Truck Collision Victims

Few things are more terrifying than an 18-wheeler truck barreling toward your significantly smaller vehicle. Victims of a truck collision may sustain catastrophic, life-altering injuries, including brain injuries, that affect their ability to earn a living and enjoy life. 

Truck accident victims have the right to hold negligent parties accountable for their recklessness through personal injury litigation.

At Shane Smith Law, we make it our mission to help truck accident victims recover just compensation. Our truck accident lawyers can connect you to the treatment and care you need to get better. Simultaneously, we will leverage our firm’s robust resources to develop a strong case and protect your interests. 

We fight to win and will do everything possible to secure an optimal outcome. 

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Identifying the Root Causes of Semi-Truck Accidents

One would hope that truck drivers would exercise the highest level of caution when operating their enormous, inherently dangerous vehicles. Sadly, this is not always the case, especially when truck drivers are constantly pressured to work long hours and meet delivery quotas.

Common causes of truck accidents include:

  • Fatigued driving. Truck drivers work extensive hours, but the law limits how much they can drive without resting. Some truck drivers will forgo required rest breaks and push past their body’s natural limits, resulting in excessive (and dangerous) levels of fatigue.
  • Distracted driving. Truck drivers may become unacceptably distracted if they text while driving or otherwise engage in conversation on a cellphone that prevents them from keeping their attention on the road. 
  • Reckless driving. A truck driver behaves recklessly if they fail to follow traffic rules, including obeying stoplights, signaling before turning, and following posted speed limits.
  • Driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. It is illegal to operate any vehicle when intoxicated, and most professional truck drivers know better than to drive while drunk. However, it is also unlawful to drive when under the influence of drugs, and some truck drivers will rely on unacceptable amounts of prescription or controlled substances to keep them alert. 
  • Poor vehicle maintenance. There are certain situations where a truck driver will lose control of their vehicle due to inadequate maintenance on a crucial component.
  • Unsafe cargo loading. A truck’s cargo must be carefully loaded and secured by a qualified crew. Inadequate cargo loading can result in debris spilling out onto the roadway or jeopardizing the stability of the truck. 

Determining Liability in Semi-Truck Accidents

The truck driver may not be the only one responsible for an accident. In fact, the truck driver may not be liable at all if there is evidence that another party’s negligence led to the crash. Our truck accident attorneys can conduct a thorough investigation and help you determine who is liable.

Depending on the facts of the case, the following parties may be liable for a truck accident:

  • The truck driver. Like in a traditional car accident, the truck driver may be liable if they were driving recklessly, driving while intoxicated, or failing to follow traffic rules. 
  • The trucking company. The trucking company could be held liable if they knowingly hired (or failed to adequately train) an unqualified truck driver. They may also be found liable if there is evidence the trucking company pressured the driver into driving longer than the law allows. 
  • The truck’s manufacturer. If the accident is caused by a defective truck component, the manufacturer of that component may be liable.
  • The truck’s maintenance crew. If the maintenance crew that examined and made repairs to the truck prior to the accident failed to exercise reasonable care when doing so, they could be liable for accident-related injuries.
  • The cargo loaders. Improper cargo loading can cause an accident, even when the driver does everything right. In these instances, the cargo loaders may be liable.

Maximizing Your Compensation After a Truck Accident

A truck accident victim may be able to recover economic and non-economic damages if they file a personal injury lawsuit by the applicable deadline. Each state has its own time limits, so it is important to get legal advice and understand your options as soon as possible after an accident. 

Note that you will have more time to file a wrongful death lawsuit if a loved one perishes in a truck accident. 

A successful truck accident lawsuit allows you to recover compensation for many types of losses, including:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Lost earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering
  • Disfigurement
  • Loss of consortium 
  • Property damage

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Types of Truck Accidents

Because of a truck’s inherent size and shape, accidents can occur in a variety of scenarios. 

Some collisions that would be considered minor if they occurred between two smaller cars can quickly become potentially deadly if a large truck is involved.

Common types of truck accidents include:

  • Head-on collisions. This type of crash involves a truck careening into oncoming traffic and making direct contact with a vehicle going the opposite direction. The size and weight of the truck relative to the other vehicle make this type of collision especially dangerous.
  • Rear-end collisions. A truck could rear-end another vehicle if the driver fails to stop the truck in time at a stoplight, stop sign, or traffic stoppage. Again, the scale of the truck has the potential to crush the vehicle it rear-ends.
  • T-bones. A T-bone occurs when a truck runs a traffic signal and crashes into another vehicle traveling at a perpendicular angle.
  • Jackknife collisions. Many trucks have articulated joints between their tractor and trailer components. When a truck driver attempts to turn or brake too quickly, this joint causes the trailer to “swing” in unpredictable directions, potentially hitting vehicles on either side.
  • Wide turn collisions. Right-hand turns can be perilous for large trucks, and an overconfident driver may attempt to navigate the maneuver without regard for other vehicles on the road. 
  • Sideswipes. A truck may “sideswipe” a vehicle in a neighboring lane when the truck driver “drifts” without realizing or attempts to change lanes without signaling.
  • Rollovers. This is perhaps the most dangerous and scary type of truck accident. When a truck driver is driving too fast and attempts to turn too severely, the truck may overturn and flip, potentially releasing its cargo and blocking the road in both directions. Other drivers near the truck may have little to no time to react, which can cause multicar pileups. 

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What Is the Role of an Attorney in a Truck Accident Lawsuit?

Truck accident claims tend to be especially complex due to the number of liable parties potentially involved. Our truck accident lawyers can help you cut through the noise and make the legal process as efficient and painless as possible. We will investigate what happened, gather evidence, determine liability, and assist with all legal paperwork.

With the help of a seasoned legal professional, a truck accident lawsuit also may not need to go to court. We will work to negotiate a fair settlement, including monetary compensation to cover your losses. If an acceptable resolution cannot be reached, we are more than prepared to go to trial, where we will aggressively pursue maximum recovery. 

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When you are dealing with severe truck accident injuries, your focus should be on getting better. Our team at Shane Smith Law will make sure you have access to quality providers while we devote ourselves to your case. No matter the complexity of the circumstances, we will fight to deliver the best possible result, whether that be a pre-trial settlement or court-awarded damages. We are here for you and will be by your side every step of the way.