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Personal Injury Attorneys

Fighting for Personal Injury Victims

If you were harmed in an accident that was not your fault, you should not have to worry about how you will pay for your medical bills or cover your missed wages. 

You have the right to file a personal injury lawsuit against the party whose negligence caused your injuries. Depending on the circumstances, you may be able to recover compensation for both economic and non-economic damages. 

Whether you were harmed in a vehicular accident or as the result of taking a defective drug, our personal injury lawyers have what it takes to successfully represent you from beginning to end. 

At Shane Smith Law, we are committed to leveraging our robust resources to help personal injury victims seek justice. 

Our firm exclusively practices personal injury law and is dedicated to maximizing your compensation, no matter the size or nature of your claim. When you come to us for help, we will review your situation, walk you through your legal options, and help you understand what we can do for you. 

Facilitating your recovery is our top priority, and we will do everything possible to secure a favorable result as quickly as possible. 

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What Is Personal Injury Law?

Personal injury law empowers individuals to take action against persons or entities who negligently or intentionally cause them harm. 

Someone may be able to file a civil personal injury lawsuit against a party who carelessly causes an accident or perpetrates a deliberate, injury-causing act. Personal injury laws also cover defective products, including defective drugs, as well as defamation. 

Personal injury laws vary by state. Generally, though, the goal of personal injury law is to hold the offending party accountable by compelling them to fairly compensate the victim for the harm they have caused. 

Types of Personal Injury Cases We Handle

Our firm can assist you with many types of personal injury claims. When you first meet with our team, we will listen to your story and go over the facts of the case. From there, we will advise whether you have a strong claim and determine how we can help. 

Our personal injury attorneys are prepared to take on claims involving:

  • Brain Injuries. These life-altering injuries tend to result from vehicular accidents, slip and falls, medical malpractice, and physical assaults.
  • Car Accidents. A motorist is liable for your injuries if their negligent driving causes an accident. Examples of negligent driving include excessive speeding, texting while driving, and any failure to follow the rules of the road.
  • Drunk Driving Accidents. A drunk driver can face civil liability as well as criminal charges. In some circumstances, a restaurant or bar that knowingly overserved a patron can also be held responsible for the actions of a drunk driver.
  • Mass Torts. A “mass tort” involves multiple parties who experienced similar forms of harm taking legal action against one or more negligent parties. They are often used to litigate widespread injuries caused by defective drugs and other products. We specifically handle cases involving hernia mesh, Roundup, and Zantac
  • Pedestrian Accidents. Pedestrians who are struck by a vehicle tend to suffer catastrophic injuries that warrant personal injury litigation.
  • Premises Liability. Premises liability laws differ by state, but property owners generally owe patrons and invited guests a duty of care. If they fail to resolve hazards they knew or should have known about, an injured party may have a claim.
  • Truck Accidents. Liable parties may include the truck driver, the trucker’s employer, the cargo loaders, the truck’s manufacturer, and the truck’s maintenance crew.
  • Wrongful Death. When an accident results in a fatality, the victim’s qualifying survivors can pursue just compensation on their behalf. Each state has its own rules for who can bring a wrongful death lawsuit.

The Personal Injury Process

The timeline for your personal injury case will depend on your specific circumstances, including the applicable laws of your state. Some claims can be settled relatively quickly – within a few months – while others may take several years to litigate and resolve. 

After reviewing the details of your situation, our personal injury lawyers can walk you through what to expect.

Most personal injury cases involve the following stages:

  • The accident or incident. The personal injury process does not start until the plaintiff experiences some form of harm due to the negligent or deliberate actions of another party. 
  • Decision to file a claim. The plaintiff will need to decide whether they wish to pursue a claim. If the injuries they sustained are minimal, they may choose not to take legal action. If they experienced serious, life-changing injuries, a personal injury claim may be the only way to cover their expenses. Before proceeding, a legal professional will evaluate what happened, conduct an initial investigation, and determine who is liable. There may be multiple liable parties.
  • First attempt at settlement. In some situations, simply threatening to file a personal injury lawsuit may be enough to secure a just monetary settlement, especially if there is an abundance of evidence supporting the claim. The negligent party may wish to avoid the costs of litigation and resolve the case quickly.
  • Filing of the claim. If the negligent party declines to settle, the plaintiff will need to formally file the lawsuit. This must be done before their state’s statute of limitations expires.
  • Discovery. Both sides will prepare for the possibility of a trial by conducting additional investigations. They will gather evidence, depose witnesses, and submit questions to the other side. Depending on the size and complexity of the case, the discovery process can last a substantial amount of time. 
  • Second round of negotiations. Before going to trial, the representatives of the plaintiff and defendant will typically make another attempt to negotiate a settlement. Avoiding courtroom proceedings is the goal, though a fair out-of-court settlement is not always possible.
  • Trial. If the plaintiff’s legal representative cannot secure a monetary settlement that covers all of their losses, the case may go to trial. 

Why Hire our Personal Injury Law Firm?

Our attorneys at Shane Smith Law have a complete understanding of how to successfully navigate these cases in many states. 

Having settled over 10,000 cases, our track record speaks for itself. We have the experience, tenacity, and litigation skills needed to win, and our personal injury attorneys will always make every effort to maximize your recovery. 

Do not wait to get advice if you were harmed in an accident and are considering taking legal action. Call (980) 246-2656 or contact us online to learn more about your options.

  • T-Bone Accident

    Shane Smith Law obtained $105,000 in August 2022 on behalf of a client who was injured in a T-bone auto collision.

  • Pedestrian Accident

    Shane Smith Law secured $2 Million for a client injured while returning an item to a customer at a Pizza restaurant. Our client was struck by a car in the parking lot.

  • Side-Swipe Collision

    In August 2022 our team obtained $101,000 on behalf of a client who was injured when their vehicle was side-swiped.

  • Auto Collision

    We obtained $100,000 in August 2022 on behalf of a client who was injured in a motor vehicle accident.

  • T-Bone Accident

    In August 2022 our team obtained $100,500 on behalf of a client who was injured in a T-Bone accident.

  • Head-On Collision

    Our team obtained $132,000 in August 2022 on behalf of a client injured in a head-on collision.

  • Auto Collision

    Shane Smith Law obtained $302,000 in August 2022 on behalf of a client injured in an auto collision

Types of Damages You Can Recover in a Personal Injury Lawsuit

In many personal injury cases, you can recover economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages are calculable and have a dollar amount, while non-economic damages have no set value but are meant to cover incalculable forms of harm. 

Economic damages you can recover in a personal injury lawsuit include compensation for:

  • Past, current, and future medical bills related to your injuries
  • Property damage
  • Lost wages and earning capacity

Non-economic damages you can obtain in a personal injury lawsuit include compensation for:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of consortium
  • Disfigurement

What Is the Role of an Attorney in a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

Having a seasoned lawyer by your side throughout the personal injury process will dramatically increase the likelihood of a successful outcome. An attorney can help you avoid common mistakes, which include making statements that could inadvertently imply you are partially responsible for causing your injuries. Your lawyer can also help you access quality treatment providers and handle the bulk of the legal process while you focus on getting better. 

A legal professional will be better equipped to negotiate a just settlement, which can get you the financial resources you need faster. Even if a settlement cannot be reached, a lawyer will know how to confidently handle courtroom proceedings and fiercely advocate for you every step of the way.