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Personal Injury Offers and Free Information

Shane Smith Law provide caring and professional representation to injured victims of accidents in Georgia, Ohio, and the Carolinas. We are pleased to offer these free books to help you better understand your accident and your right to recover damages for what you have lost. Request your download now and begin learning about your rights today.

Auto Accidents

What to do when a Distracted Driver Sends Your Health & Finances Into a Tailspin

Victims of car accidents caused by distracted driving may face difficult physical and financial circumstances. This report explains your options.

Personal Injury Guide

This Free Personal Injury Guide tells you valuable information about what to do if you are injured and how to get the most for your claim.

7 Costly Mistakes When Settling Your Car Accident Case

Learn the top 7 mistakes to avoid when handling your personal injury claim - mistakes that can cost you thousands.

Car Accident Statistics Report: The Story Behind the Numbers

Attorney Shane Smith answers your questions in this free report about what you need to know before and after car accidents.

Chiropractor's Patient's Guide to Dealing with Car Accidents

Car accident victims often need chiropractic treatment after a car accident. Every step taken can have a direct and real impact on the potential for compensation. Learn how to get the care you need and the compensation you deserve.

DUI Victims

What Every DUI Victim Needs to Know

Victims of drunk driving accidents have different needs than "regular" car accident victims. Our free book, "What Every DUI Victim Needs to Know", helps these victims deal with the struggles unique to their drunk driving accident.

Premises Liability

What Every Slip & Fall Victim Needs to Know About Premises Liability

Slip & Fall claims are handled differently than car accident claims. Attorney Shane Smith wrote the book on Premises Liability. Get your free copy of and learn what every slip & fall victim needs to know about premises liability.

NC Personal Injury

Victim's Survival Guide to Car Accidents

Victim's Survival Guide to Car Accidents. Request this Free Book written by Atlanta Lawyer Shane Smith to help people who are injured in car wrecks by someone else’s negligence or through no fault of their own.


Estate Planning Guide

"Estate Planning Guide" contains the most useful information that every person should know about protecting their loved ones and their assets.