Just How Dangerous Are Parking Lots For Pedestrians in Georgia?

Most people probably don’t look at parking lots as dangerous places, but they are – especially for pedestrians. This is because drivers and pedestrians may be in a hurry to get into the store or get out of the store and back home or to work. When people are in a hurry, they often walk fast without paying too close attention to their surroundings or drive with tunnel vision. 

While either the pedestrians or the drivers of vehicles can cause pedestrian accidents in parking lots, most pedestrian accidents in Georgia are caused by driver error. Drivers are known to fail to yield to pedestrians in parking lots. Many pedestrian accident injuries in Atlanta could be avoided if drivers would obey the rules of the road– even in parking lots – and pay more attention to what is going on around them. When drivers are in a hurry, they often make mistakes to the detriment of pedestrians. 

Those who are at risk the most for parking lot pedestrian accidents include:

  • Children – because they’re small, young kids are harder for drivers to see while backing out of parking spots. Children are also more likely to run out into the path of a car without realizing the dangers of their actions. 
  • Elderly – senior citizens move and walk slower and have a harder time turning their heads in all directions to make sure their path is safe.

Both drivers and pedestrians need to be careful and proceed through parking lots with caution. Drivers need to look carefully before backing up and yielding to pedestrians, and pedestrians need to pay attention to moving vehicles while walking through the parking lot. 

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