Roswell Accident Victims Common Back and Spinal Injuries

Auto accidents in Roswell, Atlanta, and throughout Georgia occur every day. Unfortunately, some of the most common injuries suffered by victims of car crashes are back and spine injuries as a result of wrecks.

Some types of back injuries include:

  • Herniated disc injury. This is also known as a ruptured disc or slipped disc. When a car accident victim suffers a forceful impact, disc damage can occur, destroying the ability to cushion the spinal column that provides the spine flexibility. When a disc is not acting as a cushion between the bones of the spine anymore, the herniated disc can place pressure on nerves, causing intense pain.
  • Sciatica. This lower-back injury causes tingling, numbness, and shooting pain in the leg and buttock areas and can affect either side. Unfortunately, sciatica pain can be so severe that it can be debilitating.
  • Spinal cord injury. When a car crash causes a blow to the spine, it can damage the bundle of nerves within in it, causing a spinal cord injury. When this happens, a victim can suffer partial or complete paralysis because the brain’s ability to communicate with the rest of the body is impaired from the spinal cord injury.
  • Compression fractures. This is when tiny cracks in the bones of the spine occur from the impact of car accidents. Elderly victims often suffer this type of injury. It can cause the vertebrae to collapse and permanently alter the shape and structure of the spine.

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