Litigation or Alternative Resolution Dispute in Commercial Truck Accidents: A Fulton Personal Injury Attorney Advises (Part A)

Commercial truck accidents can be catastrophic. Fulton personal injury attorneys know all too well how commercial truck accidents can forever alter the lives of their victims.

Recent statistics from the U.S. Department of Transportation report out of the 286,000 large truck accidents in 2009, 3,380 victims were killed and 74,000 were injured.

If you can prove your truck accident happened because of a truck driver’s failure to exercise reasonable care, your Fulton personal injury attorney knows you have a strong personal injury case.

Litigation or Alternative Dispute Resolution

Winning your case so you get the compensation you deserve is top priority for Fulton personal injury attorneys.

To save court costs and litigation fees, a Fulton personal injury attorney may recommend Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) when working with the:

  • ·        driver;
  • ·        trucking company; and/or
  • ·        other responsible party.

An ADR takes place outside the courtroom.

An ADR may involve:

  • ·        negotiation;
  • ·        mediation; and
  • ·        arbitration.

The process is often faster than filing a lawsuit in court, which may be plagued with an excessive number of cases and time delays. There are a number of benefits to ADR but it is important to have a personal injury attorney examine your particular case.

Contact a Fulton Personal Injury Attorney

If you’ve been hurt in a commercial truck accident, you may need to expedite your financial compensation so you can focus on your personal recovery. Contact a Fulton personal injury attorney who can advise whether litigation or ADR is best for you.

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