When Atlanta Accidents Caused by Drunk Drivers Result in a TBI (Part A)

Accidents caused by drunk drivers are especially tragic for the victims and loved ones of those who are injured or, in some instances, killed. Traumatic brain injury, or TBI, is just one of the many types of injuries that can result from a serious car crash, but it is commonly one of the most problematic due to the nature of the injury. 

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2010, Georgia witnessed almost 1,250 fatal car accidents on its roadways. Furthermore, nearly 300 fatal accidents were caused by drunk drivers. 

Those who survive these dangerous car accidents caused by drunk drivers face the risk of long-term injury, a particular threat for the victims who suffer TBI. The complexity of brain injuries makes it almost impossible to tell the severity of an injury at the scene of the accident, so if you are injured, it is imperative that you seek medical attention and receive a thorough evaluation. 

Long-term damage carries with it heavy costs, and the delicacy of the brain tissue protected by your brain casing can be vulnerable to any slight injury. Even a small amount of tearing or bruising, what would amount to a swollen knee if it happened to your leg, can cause bleeding on the brain and result in undue pressure on sensitive areas. 

TBI can cause long-lasting damage and permanently affect your ability to live a normal life. An Atlanta brain injury lawyer will help you take action against the person responsible for your injuries. 

Help from an Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney

If you have suffered a TBI as the result of one of the hundreds of car accidents caused by drunk drivers, speak with an Atlanta brain injury lawyer. The costs associated with TBI can be exorbitant, and the risk of long-term damage can leave you with unanticipated costs spiraling into the tens or even hundreds of thousands. 

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