How Long Do I Have to File My Car Accident Injury Claim in Turin?

This is basically the same question just phrased differently. Georgia has a statute of limitations for personal injury cases and car accident cases which is two years from the date of the accident. This means that within two years of receiving a personal injury in a city car accident, a claimant must have either settled their personal injury case or filed a lawsuit in court within the two year statute of limitations. There are some exceptions to this standard rule. An exception that may limit it or lengthen it is that the defendant received a citation under certain very specific circumstances. The lawyer can file the personal injury case two years from the date of the Turin car accident filed by within two years of the resolution of the criminal traffic ticket. I would never recommend waiting outside of the standard two year operation and you should not attempt to figure this out without a competent personal injury lawyer working on your case.

There are certain circumstances that may shorten the statute of limitations for Turin personal injury and car accident cases depending upon who the defendant is who caused the car accident. If a city, county or state-owned vehicle or employee of a city, county or state agency is the one who caused the accident then this period may be shortened to as small as six months and as long as one year. Certain very specific requirements and notice requirements must be made if a city, county or state agency or employee is involved in a city car accident and personal injury claim. If you even suspect that any of the above are involved in your city personal injury and car accident case, then I highly recommend you find a competent personal injury lawyer to help you, so that your claim for injuries and damages does not disappear.

All of the above basically states that within two years you must have either settled your personal injury case or filed a lawsuit in your personal injury case.

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