What Are the Top Ways to Reduce Your Car Accident Settlement or Hurt Your Georgia Auto Accident Injury Claim?

Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer Shane Smith, an Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney who limits his practice to Car Wrecks, Car Accidents, Personal Injury, DUI Victims, Slip, and Falls, and other injuries relating to Back and Neck Injuries

Briefly, the Top 10 Ways that I have found clients have reduced their car accident settlement or hurt their personal injury claim are:

1. Not doing anything at the scene.

2. Not getting your car fixed.

3. Delaying medical care for your car accident injuries.

4. Not using health insurance.

5. Giving a recorded statement.

6. Overstating your car accident injuries.

7. Sending improper or incomplete information to the car insurance company.

8. Signing a general health authorization.

9. Hiring the wrong personal injury lawyer.

10. Signing forms without advice.

All of these are discussed in detail in my Free Book which discusses how to avoid ruining your Georgia Car Accident Claim or Settlement.

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