An Atlanta Accident Attorney Reviews Crash-Avoidance Systems

Many people have been skeptical of the new crash-avoidance systems that several auto manufacturers are installing in their vehicles to help keep drivers safe. While some believed this technology would help reduce crashes, others felt these systems were simply hype to increase the cost of cars. 

However, a new study from the Highway Loss Data Institute sets the record straight. The study revealed that the frontal avoidance technology is, indeed, keeping drivers safer and could save drivers money if they were in an auto accident in Atlanta or anywhere in this nation. 

Benefits of Crash-Avoidance Technology

Researchers conducting this study reviewed insurance claim data and discovered that those drivers with vehicles containing frontal collision-warning systems had fewer wrecks. The study also revealed that when those cars equipped with this technology were involved in crashes, drivers had 14 percent lower liability claims when compared to cars without this technology.

Adaptive headlights are another technological advancement that has helped to reduce car crashes and property damage claims by ten percent. However, one technology that has not paid off is the system that warns drivers when they are drifting out of their lanes. In fact, insurance claims showed a minor increase for cars with these devices.

Although no driver should rely solely on technology to avoid a car crash in Georgia, this study has indicated that the frontal avoidance technology works well to reduce forward collisions. 

If you were in a crash in Atlanta caused by another driver’s negligence—regardless of whether you have crash avoidance technology—contact a skilled Fulton County accident attorney today at Shane Smith Law at (980) 246-2656 to find out more about your rights in a complimentary consultation.

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