Shiloh Driver Injured In Head On Collision In Meriwether County

Shiloh Personal Injury Lawyer, Shane Smith, was recently hired to help DT who was hurt in a Greenville car accident, which is in Meriwether County.  DT was hurt and needed to see a doctor.

DT also decided they needed a Shiloh Personal Injury Lawyer to help them against the insurance company.  DT hired Shiloh Personal Injury Lawyer, Shane Smith, to represent them.

The car accident occurred on 10/14/2011 at SR 100 @ Forrest Road in the city of Greenville in Meriwether County.  They were hit head-on by a Chevrolet GMT-400. The Georgia State Patrol investigated and found the defendant was at fault.  DT had to seek medical care after the accident.  DT is continuing treatment.

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