Atlanta Auto Injury Lawyer Explains What Not to Do After a Drunk Driver Car Accident Caused by Someone Else (Part A)

When you have suffered injury as the result of someone’s decision to drive while drunk, an Atlanta auto injury lawyer may be able to help you by facilitating and handling your claim. 

drunk driver car accident differs significantly from both a personal injury case and DUI criminal charges, although there are elements of both at play. To learn more about how to protect your auto injury claim after a DUI injury, speak with an Atlanta car wreck lawyer.

It’s common knowledge that you should call an attorney after you’ve been injured by a drunk driver, but a surprising number of people are misinformed or under-informed about what not to do following a serious DUI accident caused by someone else. 

The most damaging mistake that you could make with a DUI accident victim is to decide to handle pursuing reparations without the assistance of an attorney.

Why You Should NEVER Pursue a DUI Auto Injury Claim by Yourself

Some insist that giving up a percentage of your recovery amount in exchange for the assistance of an Atlanta auto injury lawyer is a useless gesture that won’t make a difference because you will already have so much sympathy from the judge or jury.

When you’re involved in a fender bender that doesn’t entail any serious injuries, it might be the case that you won’t need an attorney, but an auto injury claim resulting from a drunk driver car accident can have serious ramifications that can echo throughout a person’s life for years, and an attorney has the experience to determine what types of settlement offers are insufficient and what kind of compensation you will need to help you weather the storm of your injuries and potential disability. Don’t become a statistic; contact an attorney about your DUI injury claim. 

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