Atlanta Pedestrian Accident Attorney: Don’t Make These Crosswalk Mistakes

Have you ever crossed a busy street without using a crosswalk? According to a report by the Federal Highway Administration, pedestrians in groups tend not to use marked crosswalks. However, studies indicate that a single pedestrian’s behavior was better in a marked crosswalk.

While jaywalking is dangerous and can lead to Atlanta pedestrian accidents, injuries, and even fatalities, crossing the street in a crosswalk also can be dangerous for pedestrians. Although crosswalks are designed for pedestrian safety, if they aren’t used correctly, then accidents and injuries can occur. 

A common myth among pedestrians is that being in a crosswalk makes them safe. However, this is not the case. What if a pedestrian crosses the street in a crosswalk, but he or she crosses against the signal? The crosswalk itself is not enough to ensure pedestrian safety.

Crosswalks Alone Are Not Enough to Keep Pedestrians Safe

Perhaps you walk up to a corner and wait for the light to turn green so that you can safely cross the street. You think you are being safe because you are crossing in a crosswalk and waiting for a green light before stepping off the curb. However, you didn’t push the crosswalk button before you entered the street. 

Traffic authorities explain that when people don’t push the pedestrian crosswalk button, they may not have enough time to make it across the street safely. Crosswalks alone are not enough to keep pedestrians safe.

To reduce the chances of being involved in a Georgia pedestrian accident, you should do the following five things:

  • Push the crosswalk button prior to walking across the street.
  • Cross only when the pedestrian indicator sign shows that it is safe to walk.
  • Don’t cross against the signal.
  • Don’t walk distracted.
  • Don’t walk intoxicated.

When Pedestrians Are the Problem

Although many pedestrian accidents are caused by the negligence of a driver, there are two areas where pedestrians make mistakes that put their own safety at risk:

  • Alcohol-related. Intoxicated pedestrians can cause their own injuries by walking into traffic when it isn’t safe to do so. When pedestrians are drunk, they can make errors in judgment and fatal mistakes that can cost them their lives.
  • Pedestrian error. Not pushing the crosswalk button, jaywalking, walking distracted, or crossing against the signal are examples of pedestrian errors.

If you were in a pedestrian accident in Atlanta that was caused by a reckless or negligent driver, you may have rights to seek compensation for your injuries. Also, if your family member was seriously hurt or killed by a drunk driver, you also may have rights. Speak with a skilled pedestrian injury lawyer in Georgia at Shane Smith Law at 770-HURT-999 in a free case consultation today. 

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