Gwinnett County Auto Accident Lawyer Shane Smith Explains Distracted Driving

Georgia Auto Accident Attorney I Getting a More Complete Understanding of Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is one of many risks drivers face when they take to the road on their way to work, school or leisure activities. Distracted driving is also a behavior that can be avoided by virtually every driver if they better planned and managed their personal and professional lives. However, since this is a reality that innocent Georgia driver face, it must be dealt with accordingly.

Based on a 2008 AutoVantage motor club 35 percent of drivers in Atlanta’s Metro-Area admitted to talking on their cellphone while driving – this is an alarming number. It is so alarming because drivers are admitting to being distracted while in the midst of suburban and urban driving – some of the most stressful types of driving. This study along with other statistics from the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety in Georgia have found many other types of equally or more distracting behavior. This includes:

  • Grabbing a moving object increases the risk of an auto accident nine-fold
  • Staring at an exterior object (not focusing on traffic and potential driving hazards) increases the risk of a car crash by 3.7 times
  • Reading (a map, book, newspaper, etc.) increases the risk of an auto accident three-fold
  • Using an electronic device (dialing or texting a cellphone or using an electronic device) increases chances of a car crash 3-fold

Now that you know how serious and dangerous distracted driving can be, it must be defined.

What is Distracted Driving?

According to the federal government’s website, distracted driving is defined as taking your mind, hands and/or eyes off the road to focus on any non-driving related task. Tasks included, but are not limited to:

  • Eating
  • Drinking
  • Texting
  • Operating a GPS or other electronic device

If someone is rushing to get to work or forgot to do something at home, they often use their time in the car as they are driving to their destination. Unfortunately, some people are self-absorbed and do not care that they endanger the lives of others on the road – all they care about it completing their task at hand in their moving car.  

Why do People Engage in Reckless Behavior?

Similar to other reckless behavior, people purposely or negligently engage in distracted driving because they are not aware of the risks of they simply disregard the risks. They think they are invincible and they won’t be one of the crash statistics that their behavior will undoubtedly cause. Some people cannot separate the gravity of driving because they are too busy trying to run their business, talk with a friend or family member and just don’t think about the potential risks when they do it while driving.

How Serious is the Problem?

The problem is very serious. The least experienced are the biggest offenders. 16 percent of all drivers under 20 are involved in distracted driving auto accidents. During the day more than 800,000 motor vehicles are driven by people who are talking on their phone and not devoting their complete attention to the road.

Since the roads are filled with distracted drivers, innocent drivers in Georgia are put at unnecessary risks of car crashes that result in serious injuries and fatalities. If you have been injured or have had a family member killed by a distracted driver you may have a legal claim. The only way to know your legal options is to speak with a Duluth auto accident lawyer. When you call Shane Smith Law you will be able to consult a free legal consultation with a Gwinnett County auto accident attorney and see what damages you may have and what you are entitled to under the law. 

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