Impaired Driving Results in Costly Accidents

According to the Center for Disease and Prevention, one-third of all traffic related deaths involve an alcohol impaired driver.  In 2010, people died in accidents with a driver who had been drinking approximately every 48 minutes, which adds up to 30 people each day, or 10,228 during the year.

 Even if injuries are not fatal, injuries sustained in auto accidents involving impaired drivers can be severe, cost thousands of dollars in medical bills, and significantly affect your life.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that crashes caused by alcohol impaired driving cost over $37 billion every year.  If you have been injured in a drinking and  driving accident and have incurred medical bills  or lost wages as a result, calling a Fayette County DUI accident attorney will help you analyze your case and receive reimbursement.

There are several ways you can try to avoid accidents due to impaired driving.  First and foremost, never drive if you believe your judgment may be even slightly impaired.  Furthermore, never get in a car with a driver who has been drinking.  It is estimated that it takes only three drinks for a 200 pound man, or two drinks for a 140 pound women, to have their driving skills significantly impaired.  Even if you do not feel as if you or your friend is impaired, reflexes may slow down and judgment may be affected enough to cause an accident.

Additionally, if you are sober, take all precautions to avoid other impaired drivers on the road.  Signs another driver may be impaired by alcohol include:

  • Not staying in between proper lane markers
  • Taking extremely wide or narrow turns
  • Driving without lights turned on at night
  • Braking when unnecessary
  • Driving either too fast or well beneath the speed limit
  • Stopping at inappropriate places, such as intersections with no stop signs or at green lights.

If you witness another driver practicing any or the above behaviors or otherwise driving erratically, pull over and wait for them to pass you, or do whatever you need to do to stay out of their path.  In the unfortunate event that you do collide with a drunk driver in Fayette County, Shane Smith Law are here to help you.  As an experienced Fayette County DUI accident attorney, he can make sure you get the settlement you deserve.

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