Lack of Infrastructure Repair Contributes to Georgia Auto Accidents

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), an increase in the number of cars and drivers on the road each year has not been matched by infrastructure repair and expansion. Worn pavements, bridge overpasses, and a deficiency of expanded roadways are creating congestion and increased accidents.

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Dangerous roadways may be the result of roadway hazards such as potholes or pooled water. Accidents caused as a result roadway hazards cause injuries and fatalities every year. Roadway improvements must be appropriately marked with signage and reflective cones or barriers. Cities or municipalities that contract for maintenance work can be held responsible for injuries that result due to improperly marked construction areas.

Cities or municipalities may be liable for injuries resulting from dangerous conditions on their property. Public entities are expected to take preventative measures before an injury occurs. Having an experienced Clayton County auto accident attorney can help victims pursue a claim against a public entity.

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