Sinkhole Injuries in Georgia

Georgia is what they call a stretch zone state, which means that underground rock is often stressed and “stretched” until the rock fractures. These fractures can cause the ground on top of the rock to collapse, causing a depression in the earth commonly referred to as a sinkhole. Sinkholes can occur suddenly and without warning, swallowing up trees, destroying land, and causing serious damage to home foundations. If a sinkhole opens up under your house, the house will essentially fall into the ground. As you can imagine, sinkholes can cause major and costly damage and may often cause physical injury to people in the area. If you have suffered losses or injury due to a sinkhole in Georgia, a Coweta County personal injury lawyer can evaluate whether you have a case.

The media has called the recent episode in Georgia a “sinkhole epidemic.” One Georgia resident had his underground pool destroyed. Another woman walked out of her house to go to work and when she stepped off her front porch, she fell into a sinkhole that had opened up overnight.

Though some sinkholes are solely caused by natural forces, many occur because builders and developers burying debris and trash underground. Though Georgia has outlawed burying trash for years, homeowners are still being affected by the past actions of builders. Determining whether someone is liable for your sinkhole damage is complicated, however, you should always contact an attorney to see if you have a possible case.

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If your property has been affected by a sinkhole, you have likely suffered significant financial losses and possibly even serious physical injury. If another party was responsible for the sinkhole, an experienced personal injury attorney at Shane Smith Law can help you determine liability and recover for your losses. Do not hesitate to contact our office today at (980) 246-2656. We offer free consultations and do not charge a fee for our services unless you win your case.

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