Always Reprimand Workers Who Sabotage Coworkers’ Reputations

Unfortunately, many people fail to outgrow their sibling rivalry issues in childhood and arrive at their new jobs, eager to play up to the boss at the expense of their new coworkers. While this may at first seem harmless, it can quickly help create a hostile work environment for some people.                                                                                                                                           

While it’s very important to avoid allowing any employees to harass others for legal reasons, it’s also true that only fairly happy employees and those who feel properly appreciated are capable of doing their best work on a regular basis. Everyone loses when a backstabbing coworker is constantly looking for someone new to take down a notch. Unfortunately, there will always be people who will do such things as change another worker’s timesheet after it’s been turned in, deleting critical work time put in on projects -- or even sabotage a report that was turned in, possibly removing all of its most critical charts and statistical information.                               

While it may seem very simple, be sure to remind all of your employees at regular staff meetings that they must honor The Golden Rule and treat everyone else the way they wish to be treated – with dignity and respect.                                                                                                         

Here are Some Positive Behaviors that Can Help All Workers Avoid Sabotage

  • Make sincere efforts to stay on good terms with all supervisors and coworkers. If you believe someone is constantly belittling your efforts or taking credit for some of your best suggestions or projects, ask your mutual boss for a chance for the three of you to meet in the supervisor’s office to discuss the matter further;

  • Make some work “friends” or “allies” and be a good friend in return. While you must be very careful what you share with others on the job, it’s important to do small favors for others and to help them look their best regarding their work. It reflects nicely on any worker who sincerely praises the contributions of others they interact with regularly. Bosses usually know who’s really doing the majority of the work;

  • Absolutely never take part in any type of gossip. While you’ll have to be careful how you excuse yourself from certain conversations, you can always just say, “I consider X a friend or good coworker and I’m not comfortable talking about her when she’s not present.” Most people will get the hint and stop including you when they want to “bad mouth” others;

  • If you’re certain that someone is sabotaging some of your work after you turn it in, ask to be seated in an area closer to your supervisor. Also, ask your supervisor to please meet with you and the offending party since open conversation can sometimes put an end to backstabbing behavior;

  • If you’re a boss, immediately meet with any worker who is constantly bringing you stories about how poorly other people are doing their jobs. Explain that you have the situation under control and that you will not tolerate gossip. Urge the person to simply ask to meet privately with you when they feel it’s imperative to report another employee’s failings. Although it can be difficult, see if you can do the impossible – and create some trust between the parties who keep trying to put one another down.

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