Eating & Drinking While Driving: Major Cause of Georgia Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian Accidents Throughout Georgia Are on the Uptick Due to Distracted Driving:  Eating & Drinking While Driving is a Prime Cause

According to a recent study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) drinking or eating while driving contributes to nearly 4 out of 5 of ALL auto crashes. This same study found that almost two-thirds (65) of near misses are related to eating while operating a motor vehicle. Many believe that because drive-thru restaurants are so accessible and many people are rushed between family and work obligations, this is their only chance to eat. This reckless behavior puts Gwinnett County pedestrians at an increased risk of being hit and injured or killed because drivers fail to uphold their legal duty of care when operating their vehicles.       

The same NHTSA study puts Gwinnett County pedestrians at a bigger risk of Lilburn pedestrian accidents. Eating while driving puts pedestrians at an even greater than drunk driving or drivers using their cellphones to text or talk. A study by ExxonMobil that involved 1000 drivers discovered that 700 of those drivers ate while driving and 830 drank something while driving.

Many fast food and coffee companies “encourage” drivers to eat while driving because these national chains and local business have designed their food and beverage containers to fit into vehicle cupholders and console organizers.     

If you or a loved one has been the victim of an accident from a driver eating or talking while driving, car accident attorney Shane Smith will be able to evaluate your case. Shane Smith Law has experienced pedestrian accident lawyers that are all too familiar with Georgia pedestrian accidents caused by distracted drivers too busy eating and drinking their fast food and failing to yield to you. With our free legal consultation, your legal rights will be preserved by having all of your individual accident circumstances evaluated.

Since there are so many Gwinnett County pedestrian distracted driver accidents in Georgia, there are foods that are particularly distracting. However, the act of eating and drinking itself is so distracting. Drivers are easily distracted because they need to take their eyes off the road and focus on unwrapping the packaging or looking to make sure they grab their drink. When a driver has to focus on their food or drink, they are not focusing on the road. Both of these acts physically and mentally distract the driver, increasing the chances for a Lilburn pedestrian accident.

Since eating and drinking while driving is very distracting to drivers, Lilburn pedestrian accidents are more likely because these types of distracted drivers are near intersections, parking lots and other places where fast food and to-go restaurant establishments are. As people become intoxicated with the smell and taste of their food and beverages they are less likely to keep their hands on the wheel and their mind on the road. This increases the chances of a pedestrian accident all over Georgia.

Shane Smith Law has experienced pedestrian accident attorneys that will be able to evaluate your claim. You will be able to explain all of your circumstances and get an objective assessment to see what damages, physical and emotional, you may have from your Gwinnett County pedestrian accident. Call (980) 246-2656 to schedule a free consultation today!

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