Slip and Fall Accidents in Schools

When you send your child to school, you should be able to trust that he or she will be safe from harm. Unfortunately, children slip and fall down at school on a regular basis. Slip and falls accidents can cause surprisingly serious injuries to children, including traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, spinal injuries, and more. If your child fell because someone at the school was negligent, you should always consult with an experienced Peachtree City personal injury attorney to discuss a possible case.

Causes of School Slip and Falls

Like any other business or property, schools have a duty to keep the premises safe and free from dangerous conditions or potential hazards. If there is a potential hazard, such as a wet floor, the school has a duty to warn children with easy-to-read signs. Despite these legal duties, many children slip and fall for the following reasons and more:

  • Failure to clean up spills

  • Debris or other objects on the floors of the hallway or classrooms

  • Slippery flooring or stairs

  • Failure to properly maintain floors, stairs, or railings

  • Having electrical cords not properly secured

Bringing a legal claim against a school can be complicated, as school districts have legal teams and insurance agents who are generally prepared to fight to avoid liability. Additionally, public schools are often considered to be an extension of the local government and may therefore be immune to personal injury lawsuits. This does not always bar recovery, however, and you should always seek the assistance of an attorney who has experience in cases involving government entities such as schools.                                                                                                     

Contact a Coweta County personal injury attorney for a free consultation

If your child has been injured at the fault of their school or a school employee, the liable party should compensate your child for any injury-related losses they suffered. The experienced personal injury lawyers at Shane Smith Law know how to handle lawsuits against schools, and will fight to make sure you receive the best possible outcome for your injured child. To schedule a free consultation, call our office at (980) 246-2656 today.

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