Unsafe Lane Change Attorney for Your Georgia Wrongful Death Case

When driving in Georgia, we all make lane changes. Whether a driver needs to move into the right lane for an approaching exit or change into the left lane to make a turn, drivers are constantly changing lanes on city streets and interstates alike. When drivers change lanes, it is their duty to make sure the lane they are moving into is free and clear. When drivers fail to do this, they can cause a crash that could result in serious injuries or wrongful death in Georgia.

This is why all drivers, especially truck drivers with large blind spots, should run through the following list when making a lane change:

  • Only change lanes when it is legal to do so
  • Change lanes when there is plenty of room so no other driver is cut off
  • Look in the rear-view mirror and side mirror
  • Glance over the shoulder
  • Always use blinkers

Although this list seems simple, many drivers become distracted or carless and fail to do something as simple as signaling their intentions. When drivers fail to take these aforementioned steps, a catastrophic crash can occur that leads to the death of an innocent motorist.

Unfortunately, thousands of drivers and motorcyclists are impacted by unsafe lane changes every year, and many families lose their loved ones because drivers fail to use their mirrors and signals before changing lanes. When a motorist is reckless, careless, or distracted and moves into someone’s lane, that driver should be held responsible—especially if a wrongful death in Georgia occurred.

Proving Negligence in Unsafe Lane Change Crashes

When drivers fail to merge or change lanes without using their blinkers or checking for traffic, sheer negligence is to blame. However, because wrongful death cases can be complex, families who have lost their loved ones in Fayette County, Fulton County, Gwinnett County and Coweta County crashes should contact an experienced wrongful death attorney. Lawyers with experience in these types of cases can help establish negligence and help you seek justice for the wrongful death of your loved one.

For help pursuing economic justice through a Georgia wrongful death lawsuit, contact Shane Smith Law today. A knowledgeable Peachtree City wrongful death attorney can answer your questions and explain your rights. Find out if you have a valid case today in a free consultation at (980) 246-2656.

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