Injured in an Atlanta Auto Accident? Before Accepting An Insurance Settlement, Read This!

Have you been offered a settlement for your Atlanta accident injury claim? Does the settlement cover all your medical bills or does it seem low?  Or has your settlement been denied?
Insurance companies are experts at coming up with reasons to deny, delay or devalue accident settlements.   
Here is a list of excuses that are commonly used to justify a low insurance payment:
1. You were not wearing your seat belt; therefore you are at fault for your injuries.
2. Your car had defective safety equipment.
3. You were driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
4. If you didn't see the other driver run a red light, make an illegal turn, or head towards you one a one way street, the accident is your fault for not paying attention.
5. You had preexisting medical conditions.
6. The other driver told a different story.
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