Filing a Police Report After Being Injured Due to Negligent Security

Police Report

After an incident of negligent security results in your injury, one of the most important steps you can take is to file a police report with the proper law enforcement department. A police report serves as an authoritative record of the event and its key details, like the time, location, and nature of the incident, along with any injuries suffered. A well-written police report of a negligent security incident can also lay the groundwork for any injury claim you later decide to file against those responsible for maintaining the security of the premises or property.

Why You Should File a Police Report After a Negligent Security Incident

After being injured due to negligent security (such as being assaulted by a criminal assailant who shouldn’t have been permitted on the property in the first place), you should always call the police to report the crime. You can call the local sheriff’s department directly, but if someone has been seriously injured, call 911 immediately. Both actions will summon the police to your location, so the responding officers can create an official report of the incident and start an investigation.

Filing a police report after a negligent security incident can help your injury claim because the report:

  • Establishes an official record: A police report provides an unbiased, official account of the incident, detailing what happened, where, and when.
  • May show evidence of liability: The details captured in the police report can help identify any failings in security measures, potentially indicating the property owner's liability. It may include witness statements, descriptions of the scene, or other information that points to negligence.
  • May act as the foundation of the injury claim: In pursuing legal action or seeking compensation for injuries suffered due to negligent security, your lawyer may use it to understand the main details of the incident.

Basics Steps to File a Police Report

You might know you want or need to file a police report after a negligent security incident, but knowing the actual process of filing this report can often be surprisingly frustrating, especially when considering follow-up steps. Based on where you need to file the report, different steps may be required, some more complex than others. To save yourself some stress, you can have a lawyer guide you through the process, so you can be confident that the report is filed correctly and efficiently, reducing the risk of any potential issues or delays.

The basic steps needed to file a police report in most jurisdictions include:

  • Contact the police immediately: You should contact the police as soon as possible to report the incident that you believe was caused by negligent security. For emergencies or serious injuries, call 911. If it is a non-emergency, you may decide to use the non-emergency number of your local police department instead.
  • Provide detailed information: When speaking with the police, be prepared to provide detailed information about the incident, including the date, time, location, a description of what occurred, and any injuries suffered. If you have names or descriptions of perpetrators or witnesses, share this information as well.
  • Request an officer to the scene: If applicable, request that an officer come to the scene, so they can gather evidence, take witness statements, and create a more accurate report.
  • Be honest and thorough: It's important to always be both honest and thorough when describing the incident. Do not speculate or exaggerate details. Accuracy is key to keeping the report useful for your claim.
  • Obtain a copy of the report: After the report is filed, ask for a copy or for the report number and instructions on how to obtain it once it's ready.
  • Follow up: If you remember additional details after filing the report or if there are updates (such as new injuries or damage becoming apparent), follow up with the police department to amend the report.

How to Use a Police Report for Your Claim

Hiring an attorney to help collect a copy of the police report can streamline and simplify what might otherwise be a frustrating process. An experienced lawyer will be familiar with the procedures and nuances of interacting with law enforcement agencies, including local officers who might know the attorney or law firm by name. They can submit formal requests, follow up with the police department, and check the report for inaccuracies. By letting your attorney handle this process, you can save time and reduce stress while also helping your claim.

Once a copy of the police report is collected, an attorney can use it to support your negligent security claim or lawsuit. Your lawyer can use this information to establish a timeline, demonstrate negligence on the part of the property owner or security personnel, and corroborate your account of the events. Your attorney may even integrate the police report into a broader strategy aimed at securing fair compensation for you.

Get Legal Help to Support Your Negligent Security Claim

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