Why Do You Only Practice Personal Injury Law?

In this video, Atlanta injury lawyer Shane Smith explains why he only practices personal injury law: I only do personal injury cases for a couple of reasons. First of all, my clients need help either getting medical care or fighting the insurance company and their lives have been totally disrupted by someone else's negligence actions. Instead of the insurance companies taking responsibility, I frequently see them fight about the amount of the doctor bills, that the treatment was unrelated, or all sorts of excuses. I feel that my clients need someone who has dealt frequently with insurance companies to help them get a fair settlement. Also, I focus only on personal injury cases because I feel that it is better to be very knowledgeable in one area of the law than to try and know a little something about everything. Just as I go see specialists if I have a medical problem, I expect my clients to want someone who has a great deal of expertise to handle their cases. I am a firm believer in expression. “Jack of all trades, master of none.”