Client Invovled in a Rear End Collision

Can You Go Through a Personality Change If You Are Rear-Ended?

In this video, we'll discuss the story of our client who experienced a rear-end collision that led to personality changes and a traumatic brain injury, and how we helped them seek justice.

Video Transcript

[0:00:00] - Client involved. Their rear end collision results in personality changes and mood changes, which results in a TVI or traumatic brain injury. Find out more details below. Hey, I'm Shane Smith here today with Sam with our attorneys were talking about whatever recent client victory she had. This one. He has one of those really scary injuries, which is the TVI actually, or traumatic brain injury. We'll find out a little bit more as we get into the case. Sam, tell us about this accent. How did it start?

[0:00:26] - sure. So our client was just driving down the road minding her own business. There was a big vehicle behind her. He failed to reduce his speed and smack her into the back.

[0:00:34] - So your classic rear end collision, basically, but it sounds like the injuries were much more than just normal.

[0:00:39] - Yes, they were okay, so tell us about those what happened sure, so she ended up going to the urgent care after the accident. She was diagnosed with headaches. She also had back and neck injuries, and then she went with treatment with the chiropractor and orthopedist after that.

[0:00:52] - So what made everybody think that she had a traumatic brain injury? Because up to this point it sounds like just regular care. And then you know headaches, which is pretty common for a rear end collision. What was the tip the doctors off? That something else was going on, that there might be a brain injury sure.

[0:01:07] - So after suffering some headaches for a few weeks, she started having a floater in her eye, as well as attitude changes, dizziness, sensitivity to light. So that was a big indication that something was going on in her head.

[0:01:17] - So that the floater was sort of the first thing, but I know a lot of people probably would ignore that. But then dizziness and attitude. So who noticed that first was her. She noticed herself, was it all her family? I said, hey, something's going on.

[0:01:30] - It was her husband for a question. I noticed them.

[0:01:32] - All right, and that's actually pretty common for brain injury stuff is the person itself thinks it's okay, and everybody around them it's like it's definitely not okay. Yeah, fortunately it sounds like we're able to identify that, though, and get her some kind of treatment to at least help her deal with those symptoms. Is that right?

[0:01:49] - Yes, she was able to get a brain scan which then showed the TBI traumatic brain injury. She was recommended future treatment, so she went under a diagnostic test that allowed her to indicate what was going on and what future treatment she would need, and that's what we presented to the insurance company.

[0:02:04] - And what I have found is a lot of times when I talk to clients who've got this and they have the brain scan, they actually feel relieved because now they know there's a real injury. It's not just all in their head.

[0:02:13] - I mean basically, yeah, okay it is all in their head, yeah but, but.

[0:02:17] - But they know it's a real injury. But yeah, exactly great, I'm glad we're able to get that brain scan for and she knows what's going on, what the symptoms are. How did the insurance company deal with your demand?

[0:02:26] - So originally they gave us a low ball offer which, as you know, is very common. We received first offer of $120,000, but we weren't standing for that, ultimately negotiated the case for $225,000.

[0:02:37] - Okay, wow, how did she feel about the overall summit?

[0:02:39] - She was very happy. All of her medical bills were paid for. She had about $50,000 in medical bills and she walked away with a good amount of money in her pocket.

[0:02:46] - Well, great. Well, it sounds like she was lucky to have you on the team and I'm glad you guys were able to get that brain Skin for, because I'm guessing that made her feel better and made the insurance company pay off a fair settlement for her and now she knows what she needs to do in the future. Yep, great, I'm Shane from Shane's with law. This is another client victory here today at the firm. Hit like and subscribe down below to catch more client victories. If we talk about more wins, we have a chance to thought. Remember, if you're in pain, call Shane 980 9999999.


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