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Jet Ski Accident Attorney in Atlanta

During warm weather, many people take to the water for a fun day of recreation. While some people choose different types of boats for their outings, others choose to take out jet skis or other types of personal watercraft. These jet skis only hold one or two people at a time, are much more maneuverable than many larger boats, and can travel at high speeds across the water, sometimes above 65 miles per hour. Though riding a jet ski can be thrilling, it also poses many risks of accidents and injuries.

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Atlanta Boating Regulations to Prevent Accidents

Jet ski riders have little to no protection in the event of a collision with a larger boat. To protect everyone on the water, there are strict regulations regarding right-of-way and other driving behaviors to avoid collisions. Additionally, boat drivers are expected to always pay close attention to the water in front of them and other watercraft.

Unfortunately, many boat drivers negligently fail to pay adequate attention to what they are doing. Having a crowd on a boat can be distracting, and a driver can easily lose focus. Additionally, many boat outings involve alcohol, which can lead to impaired boat driving and impaired judgment. If a distracted or impaired boat driver crashes into a jet ski and causes injuries, that driver should be held wholly responsible for resulting injuries.

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People who know they are on the water with jet skis and other small watercraft should always pay the utmost attention to carefully watch out for these smaller vehicles. If a boat driver or other party acts negligently and causes a jet ski accident, an experienced accident lawyer at Shane Smith Law will work to make sure that negligent party is held responsible for their actions. We provide the highest quality of representation to make sure you receive the full amount of compensation deserved for all your injuries and losses. 

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