Gizmo Smith

Gizmo Smith

Lap Warmer Extraordinaire
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  • Law Offices of Shane Smith
  • 900 Westpark Dr Ste 310 Peachtree City, GA 30269
  • (678) 788-7140

Gizmo's role at the Law Offices of Shane Smith is Lap Warmer Extraordinaire. His job duties include emptying his water bowl on an hourly basis, snorting incessantly, assisting staff members in maintaining their diets by politely begging for their lunches, and, of course, warming laps.

Gizmo acquired his position as Lap Warmer Extraordinaire at the Law Offices of Shane Smith by virtue of his cuddly, loving nature, and prides himself on his exceptional people skills. He has never met a stranger whose affection he couldn't win (and whose food he couldn't bamboozle)!

Gizmo lives in Peachtree City with his pack leaders, Shane and Holly Smith. In his free time, he enjoys chewing bones, chasing and pouncing on the other pack members, and playing fetch.

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