5 Questions to Ask Your Jonesboro Car Accident Attorney (Part A)

Unless you’re an expert yourself, a Jonesboro car accident attorney is likely to prove beneficial to your claim. Most are not familiar with the car accident claims process and should aim to familiarize themselves a bit before proceeding. 

When you're meeting with an attorney during the selection process, or you have already retained one, knowing the right questions to ask may help you gain a better understanding of your claim and help set expectations. Following are the top five questions to ask your Jonesboro car accident attorney.

Do I have a case? 

The first thing you have to ask when speaking to an attorney is whether you have a case to begin with. Simple, right? An attorney will look at the facts of the accident to determine if the other party's actions or negligence were responsible for or contributed to your collision. In addition, you will have to prove your injuries and that they were caused by the other party’s actions.

What are your fees? 

Attorneys may structure their fees in a number of different ways, including flat, hourly, or contingency; however, most car accident attorneys operate on a contingency fee basis. This means that you pay no costs upfront, and your attorney only gets paid if your claim is successful. If you win your settlement, the attorney will be paid a percentage of the compensation you receive. 

However, you may also be responsible for other fees, such as court costs and investigation expenses. Make sure you are clear on all fees upfront.

How can I protect my car accident claim? 

After your collision, you have a lot of decisions to make – and make quickly – in order to protect your claim. Your attorney may advise you to begin keeping track of your medical appointments and to obtain a copy of your police report. In addition, your Jonesboro car accident attorney will advise you of the statute of limitations to ensure you don't wait too long to file a claim.

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